Elena Waclawiczek is a visual artist and performer based in Vienna and Paris. With the body in relation with space, surrounding, materials, other bodies and objects, she is creating performances, video-works and installations, which are often crossing the line between visual art, dance and choreography. As a research method, and way of expression and communication the improvisation plays a key-role in most of her solo- and collaborative works. On the issue of improvisation and collective-transmedial-instant Composition she is working in art and performance projects, with musicians, visual and cross-over artists, painters, poets and dancers all over Europe.






*1986, Oberpullendorf/Austria

currently based in Vienna/Austria and Paris/France


2007 - 2017    Diploma, Prof. Putz-Pleko, Univ. of Applied Arts Vienna/Austria

2012               Environmental Art, Prof. Markku Hakunen, Aalto Univ. of Art and Design, Helsinki/Finland

2006 - 2008    Philosophy, University of Vienna/Austria




2021                TANZ*HOTEL, Vienna/Austria

2019/20/21     ANIS GRAS – La lieu de l’autre, Arcueil/France

2012                Koli Ryynänen, Northkarelia/Finnland


Ongoing Projects & Collaborations selected


since 2020       LiSi*A – Liberating Structures for improvised Art

                        Association founded with Anna Adensamer, Agnes Distelberger, Jasmin Shaitl

                        SHARE – European Network of Collectives for Improvise Art - research on  Transmedial-Collective-Instant Compositions 

                        States of matter – body and sound, collaboration with Yoram Rosilio (doublebass, composition)

since 2019       Punk Puppet Ritual collaborative performance-project with Anna Adensamer, Yoram Rosilio, Uygur Vural, Denny Voch


Festivals participation as performer and artist selected


                       S.p.i.m.e –Edition 5 ,Improvised music and performance, ANIS GRAS – La lieu de l'autre, Arcueil/France

2020                S.p.i.m.e – Edition 4 ,Improvised music and performance, ANIS GRAS – La lieu de l'autre, Arcueil/France                       

                       Zwischenräume, art festival, Salzburg/Austria

                        Café des Enfant, 1,2,3 Poéme, children art festival, ANIS GRAS – La lieu de l'autre/Arcueil/France 

2019                Chili Jazz, Radical improvised music and performance festival, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitzthal/Austria

                        MIA - Encontros de Música Improvisada, Atougia da Baleia/Portugal

                        Schnittpunkte der Musik, Radical improvised music, performance and painting, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitzthal/Austria

                        S.p.i.m.e - Edition 3, Improvised music and performance, ANIS GRAS – La leu de l'autre/Arcueil/France

2018                Chili Jazz, Radical improvised music and performance festival, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitzthal/Austria

                        Schnittpunkte der Musik, Improvised music and performance festivalHeiligenkreuz im Lafnitzthal / Austria

2014                Lendwirbel, Art Festival, Graz/Austria

2013                Herbstklang – European Theaternight, Vienna/Austria

                        Ethno-Histeria Festival, Lublijana,Piran,Koper,Gračišče/ Slovenia

2011                Children-Biennale, Venice/Italy


performances/exhibitions selcted


2021                 Pre-material space, multimedial solo-performance, ANIS GRAS-La lieu de l'autre/Arcueil/France

                         Imprints of relations in space, solo - performance and installation, Tanz*Hotel, Vienna/Austria

2020                 Punk Puppet Ritual, collective performance, ANIS GRAS – La lieu de lautre/Arcueil/France

                         Immaterial body, multimedial solo- performance, ANIS GRAS – La lieu de l'autre/Arcueil/France  

                         Instant Dialgues, collective performance, KunstBetrieb/Vienna/Austria

                         Intimate Stage, collective performance, concept: Anna Adensamer,  ZwischenRäume/ Salzburg/Austria

                         Klangkörper, performance with Yoram Rosilio, KunstbeTrieb/Vienna/Austria

                         Polylog, collective performance, KunstbeTrieb, Vienna/Austria

                         Berührungsübungen, performance with Yoram Rosilio, exh.: Klaus Gmoser, Gallery St.Martin/Graz/Austria

2019                A present past game, solo-performance, ANIS GRAS – La lieu de l'auter/Arcueil/France 

                        Punk Puppet Ritual, collective performance, ANIS GRAS – la lieu de l'auter/ Arcueil/France, MIA/ Atougia da Baleia /

                         Portugal, Schmiede  Hallein/Salzburg

2018                 VERA IKONE, solo-exhibition, Gallery Mana/Vienna/Austria

2017                 Hier Lebend Raus!  performance with Marek Zink, Mike’s Werkstatt/Vienna/Austria

2015                 Haut: Schatten performance with Anna Adensamer, exh.: Lotte Hubmann, Kunstbad Graz/Austria
2014                 Unter freiem Himmel artist collective, Festival Lendwirbel/Graz/Austria

2013                 AXTtütü collective performance , Festival Herbstklang – European-Theater-Night, Vienna/Austria

                         Dream, collective performance, concept: Zala Pezdir, Etno-Histeria-Festival, Lublijana,Piran,Koper,Gračišče/ Slovenia

2012                 Untitled, solo-performance, exh.: Klaus Gmoser, Gallery Centrum, Graz/Austria

                         Testaushalli, group exhibition, Espoo/Finland 

                         Fire, performance in collaboration with local artists, concept: Elena Waclawiczek, Koli/Finland

2011                 OrnaMental Structures – Figure and Ground, group exhibition, concept: Danica Dakic, CeKa Charlama,

                         Sarajevo/Bosnia Herzigovina

                         Giant Cloud, group art project, Children Biennale/Venice/Italy

2010                 Untiteld, solo-perfomance, Gallery Sonnensegel, Vienna/Austria 

                         Fresco on a wall of Soweto, collective social art project, Soweto-Johannesburg/Southafrika.

                         Poetry, solo-performance, exh.: Marianne Vlaschits, Kunstfabrik Großsiegharts/Austria 

                         Salon körperhafter Dinge, group exhibition, Gallery Salon 5, Vienna/Austria 

                         Baum sucht Raum, group exhibition, Salon XI, Vienna/Austria